Who We Are

Changing Vegas was founded by The Las Vegas Son (also known as Super Dealer) who has been a high limit dealer in Vegas for the last ten years. He’s a Millennial. He’s dealt all the major Vegas table games, including poker, craps, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat and has seen thousands of hours of action. (He has played poker and craps to supplement his income along the way.)

From a Millennial Dealer’s Perspective

The perspective you get in our videos is not just from a casino perspective or a player’s perspective, but from the eyes, ears (and mind!) of a seasoned Las Vegas dealer.

This inside knowledge is key to a better understanding of how Las Vegas gaming really works. At Changing Vegas, you can both learn and have fun as we take you behind the scenes.

The Las Vegas Son is also a professional gaming instructor in Vegas. Over the last three years, he’s trained hundreds of new dealers, helped prepare them for auditions, getting them placed in dealer positions throughout the Las Vegas Valley (on the Strip, downtown Las Vegas, and elsewhere). Some of his former students appear in our videos and podcast. And, in Sept. 2020, we’ll be launching SuperDealer, the 1st professional dealing school on the web!

He’s also dealt in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and has trained dozens of WSOP dealers over the last two years. Whatever the game, his sense of humor and the innovative, fun techniques he’s developed will make Las Vegas gaming more fun and profitable for you. For beginners and intermediate players, he breaks concepts down and makes it easy to understand and use while in Vegas, (even the math)! And, he offers new insights for more advanced players.

The Las Vegas Son graduated from Iowa State University in Psychology and Communications, with a minor in English. He’s an aspiring filmmaker and actor. He loves Rick & Morty and making people laugh, and has been involved in computer gaming, cards, and probability all of his life. The Las Vegas Son know the ends and outs of the industry – and is excited to share his experience (and stories!) with you here on Changing Vegas.

The Changing Vegas Team also includes co-founder Susan Beaver Thompson, who’s in charge of marketing and partnerships. She holds a B.A. in Communications from U.S. Santa Barbara and a Masters in English from Cal State Poly, Ponoma.

Susan’s actively applying her 20+ years of writing, publishing, start up, and business development experience to the new venture. She’s also the publisher of Visionary News, a new mobile journalism (mojo) venture… and one of Changing Vegas’ first partnerships.

In addition, some of our industry friends involved in the initial Changing Vegas comedy skits, videos, and podcast will be playing a larger role as the company grows.

Together, we’re developing a video and film production company – and online education platform – with the fruits of our labor appearing on this site, on Patreon, on YouTube, and more. We hope you enjoy!