“What She Knew” Interview – Content Preview 1/27/17 –

For our first Changing Vegas talk show, we invited K.R. Hughes and T.L. Burns to talk about their new trilogy, “What She Knew.” They write alternate history novels. This series is about Marilyn Monroe and how the course of American history could have changed if she had lived. I met these two talented writers at a networking event a few months back; they’re living in Vegas working on their own projects just like me.


After hearing what they were writing about, I had to have them on the show. There’s tons of references to the Vegas Mob, Hoffa, Sinatra, and the performers and major players in early Las Vegas. During the interview we kind of went off the rails, as I admittedly tend to do from time to time, and got into comparing modern Las Vegas to Mob Vegas. It’s a good introduction to some of the point I have about the industry, so I figured it’d be a good one to edit together and share with everybody.

Some of the topics we talked about were:

The inspiration for their book
How Marilyn Monroe was connected to Mob Vegas
The differences between modern and Mob Las Vegas
How corporate business strategies have taken some of the former glow out of the city
Obamacare and how it has affected the gaming industry
Changes modern casinos can make to make the experience more appealing to guests

New Cover 2013 01

Yep… we really did cover just about everything.

Thanks again for coming on the show, guys!