Dave Thompson, CEO of Changing Vegas and SuperDealer Instructor
  • Ready for a new challenge and a new career?
  • Ready for a fun way to make more money?
  • Ready for a great way to amaze your friends?

Changing Vegas is excited to announce SuperDealer! Beginning on Oct. 21, you’ll be able to enroll in the first professional dealer training school on the web!

I’m Dave Thompson and I’ll be your instructor.

For the last 10 years, I’ve worked my way up to dealing high-limit action in Vegas. For the last three, I’ve trained hundreds of students in-person – to become successful poker, craps, blackjack, roulette & baccarat dealers. They’re SuperDealers!

In addition to learning stellar skills and mechanics – and the inside scoop on the casino industry – SuperDealers know how to run their game, entertain their players, and make money.

I invite you to join in our first distance learning dealer course – on poker.

Check out our new SuperDealer videos on @YouTube:

“Do the Dealer Dance” ~ Music Video ~

“Get WSOP Ready in 2-3 Months – Online!” ~ Intro Video (Behind-the-scenes):

Watch free preview lessons and explore on the Teachable platform:

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